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    1. Donald Trump Takes Coronavirus Swipe At “Dirty” Mike Bloomberg As Ex-NYC Mayor Finally Wins Some Delegates

      Trump Bloomberg

      This Super Tuesday may be dominated so far by the intense fight for Democratic delegates between Sen, Bernie Sanders and former Vice-President Joe Biden, but never forget the constant bubonic sideshow of Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg.

      As the ex-New York City mayor captured his first delegates this election season with a win in American Samoa, the former Celebrity Apprentice and Tweeter-in-chief stepped away today for overseeing Mike Pence overseeing the federal government’s management of the ever-expanding coronavirus to take a swipe at the ninth richest man in the world.

      Bloomberg took a more traditional stance online:

      Of course, the greater context is that Bloomberg has been trolling the master troller with a flood of ads and social media posts in the past week excoriating Trump’s handling, or lack there of, the virus that has taken nine American lives so far.

      As the Democrats’ race seems to be sharpened down to Biden and Sanders this evening, there is increasing pressure on party fathers and mothers for Bloomberg to step back so the ex-VP can grab the nomination. At the same time, the uncontested Trump is certainly trying to look like he has a grasp on the coronavirus as many worry this is the calm before the storm, politically and health-wise.

      On the other hand, as much as Trump and Bloomberg have worked to get under each other’s skin, POTUS’ tweet was basically ignored on cable newsers are results were coming in fast and furiously – and that must really drive the current occupant of the White House crazy. Or, to use some math, Trump has sent out 34 tweets about the coronavirus in the past few week and 44 about “mini Mike.” Hard to tell if today’s tweet counts both, or not.

      BTW – The Daily Show had a very different take on how $61 billion dollar man Bloomberg scored that Pacific Island win:

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